Sunpro tach hookup Suntune Tach Wiring Diagram

Sunpro tach hookup

Posted on Nov, 04 by Doe. Performance car enthusiasts will enjoy the classic design and modern technology of the Sunpro 5-inch Super Tach III tachometer. An adjustable swivel mounting foot allows for positioning at a variety of angles. For this specific installation, a longer wire was required to connect to the distributor, which explains why the image shows a white wire.

Connect the black wire to the negative battery terminal or a clean unpainted chassis ground using a ring terminal or other suitable means such as solder, electrical tape or butt connectors.

Sunpro tach wiring diagram free diagrams best tachometer ideas images for image at iffah suntune Source. Consult your owner's manual to find the position of the tachometer lead on your vehicle. He is a mortgage specialist with over 12 years of experience as well as an expert in financing, credit, budgeting and real estate. Sunpro tachometers are simple to install and should take about an hour to complete.

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Suntune Tach Wiring Diagram. Remove plastic casings surrounding gauge cluster and radio.

Tachometer installation autogage tach install tachometer wiring diagram for ignitions that provide a tach terminal Source. Connect the black wire to a clean unpainted ground using a ring terminal or other safe grounding means.

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Connect the steel cylinder to the mounting bracket and carefully set the gauge inside. For personal safety and to prevent possible damage to your vehicle's electrical system, disconnect the negative battery cable during the installation. Click image for larger version name tachwiring jpg views size 38 6 Source. Suntune tach wiring diagram 6 Source.

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It features a large 5-inch tach hookup face and 0 - 10, REV scale. Do not connect the red wire harnesses that provide power in the "Not Off" or "Accessories" such as radios and lights. The tachometer grew in popularity in the s and s with the rise of sport and muscle cars.

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Connect the white wire to the instrument panel lighting circuit connected to the dimmer control switch. Adjustable shift light and RPM set-point controls are sculpted for a seamless fit inside the bezel. You should be able to do this by accessing the holes for existing wiring harnesses.

Suntune Tach Wiring Diagram Images Gallery sunpro tach wiring diagram outboard ignition switch wiring diagram wiring diagram for sunpro super tach 2 readingrat net sunpro tach tach hookup diagram wiring diagram for. Perched atop is a prominent blue shift light that complements the tachometer's retro, two-tone dial face graphics.

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This helps the driver monitor the vehicle and shift gears at the optimum times. Equus tach wiring diagrams auto gauge tachometer diagram for autometer suntune tach wiring diagram at Source.

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This wire provides the tachometer with the engine RPM signal. Below is a step-by-step guide to adding a Sunpro Tachometer to your vehicle. Some electronic ignitions have a tach terminal on the ignition box, the green wire may connect there before installation read instructions Source.

Connect the red wire to any vehicle harness wire energized with battery voltage when the ignition key is in the "On" position.

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Use this connection on vehicles with a distributor. Connect the green wire to the tachometer output lead on vehicles that have distributor-less ignition systems.

Auto gauge tach wiring diagram on tachometer installation autogage install in autometer volt suntune tach Source.

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Sunpro is a maker of gauges and tachometers, and has been producing these devices since