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Qsc k series hookup

Page 7 Installation Before placing, installing, rigging, or suspending any speaker product, inspect all hardware, suspension, cabinets, transducers, brack- ets and associated equipment for damage. You don't need the DriveRack to feed these boxes!

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I could pan that channel hard into the right channel, so I would not lose any low freq info that was fed to the left channel? Any missing, corroded, deformed, or non-load rated component could significantly reduce the strength of the installation or placement.

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Assuming I did not pan the input hard right I have to start by saying that the K10 is a k series hookup piece of gear, with a very solid feel about it. M5 yoke attachment points 8.

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Datehookup online dating was indicated in the thread and repeated a couple times without challenge that the K-sub relied on the K-series tops to provide the high-pass filter crossover?

A useful option is the ability to change the behaviour of the front-mounted LED indicator. Page 19 Dimensions 11" These are of excellent design and quality: The sockets on the K10 are very easy to adjust: You'd have to be doing something silly to overdrive or overheat this amp. The KSub uses two of the same W power amps common to the rest of the range, but has a slightly simpler control panel.


If you really want to know the ins and outs of this there's an interesting read to be found at www. Now, some folks like to drive Left and Right tops directly from the board, and use a third AUX output of the board to send Subs to get a little more control over the sub signal.

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The K10 is equipped with two cast-aluminium handles, one on the side and the other on top. I did deploy the vocal boost setting when using the rig for a loud-ish pub-rock band, though with the external sub too, of courseand then went back to the flat setting when using the speakers for a speech-only presentation event, as it just seemed to suit the room.

Assume the sub is connected to the right, and the left would not have a matching sub I've lost count of the times I've seen mains leads escape from active floor monitors.

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The K-Series speakers are all fitted with the same amp module, which is rated at a generous overall W. Installation Before placing, installing, rigging, or suspending any speaker product, inspect all hardware, suspension, cabinets, transducers, brack- ets and associated equipment for damage.

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Each input channel has a direct, balanced link output and there's a balanced, line-level mix output too, for onward connection to another K10 or remote system. That should ensure there's way more than enough headroom available for normal operation, especially when the on-board protection, limiting and driver capability are taken into account.


Don't show me this message again. One noteworthy point was the cool running of these speakers: When speakers are so equipped, I often like to use them angled down toward the audience area, especially in smaller venues.

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Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Was This Manual Helpful?

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One thing I do like about the K-Series top boxes is the slightly concave shape of the k series hookup surface, which prevents the cabinet from rolling around if it's laid face down. These functions include crossovers, time alignment, limiting and protection, thermal management and a number of proprietary features. A degree of preset sound shaping is available using two slide switches: But quality always wins, and by the end of the night I was wondering if I could afford or justify a pair in my own inventory.

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All that's needed to control the input level of one or more speakers from another location is a simple variable-resistor circuit. It still has two dating websites for witches controlled inputs which are summed and sent to the amp but no mix output, unbalanced inputs, mic input or vocal EQ settings.

best way to hook up k series speakers and k sub

For me, the LF performance of the K10 was more than fine anyway, and I liked the sound of it without the extra lows, but it's nice to have it there for use as required. I did feel the system sounded a little light in the mid-range compared to my usual speakers, and it took me a few numbers to get used to it.

The result is a hard, rigid structure with a smooth, matt black finish, reminiscent of a clarinet or recorder body. All the models, including the KSub, are compact and easy to handle, and they all use the same QSC Class-D amplifier module to provide the power.

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