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Tell the others three reasons why.

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Search the Internet and find more information on BeautifulPeople. Write down any new words and expressions you hear from your partner s.

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Please consider helping Breaking News English. Write a magazine article about online dating conmen getting year prison sentences.

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Anyone who has an dating breaking news english in Hollywood can join the site. Talk about the words from the gap fill. Create an idea for your own Internet site. Avoid talking about your ex!

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No form of communication is percent safe from all observers. Read your letter to your partner s in your next lesson. Complete this table with your partner s. How much did the average person lose to scammers in ?

Share your findings with your class in the next lesson.

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Managers said the old people sat down for too long, spoke loudly, spat on the floor and had constanta dating. A new report says most Americans think online dating is a good way to meet people.

Include imaginary interviews with people who are for and against it. What do you think about what you read?

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They use many different kinds. Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. READ 4-speed reading Print the lesson. The elderly people they feel they are surrounded a regular Few people know just how I feel quite normal customers have They complain that there.


Role B — Disneyland You think Disneyland is the best place for a first date. Please consider helping Breaking News English. Talk about the connection between each pair of words in italics, and why the correct word is correct.

Also, tell the others which is the worst of these and why: Read your letter to your classmates in the next lesson. It decided to stop what it called 'illegal date clubs'. Criminal networks defraud lonely people around the world with false promises of love and romance.

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Make a poster about online dating scams. Talk to your partner s about your opinion on various parts of your face and body and give them a score from 1 to Search the Internet and find more information on BeautifulPeople. Greg Hodge, managing director in the U.

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We want to see whatever evidence and documentation you can provide.