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Hoon Dong deserves her.

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She had good reasons to stay away, but she couldn't bring herself to put herself in that mess again. Jang-Mi with her sunnier disposition, bounces back more easily. After all that useless, aggravating angst. They stand for a long moment, faltering every time they try to speak. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they interact once they admit how they feel to each other. Get out of his house! But Hyeon Hee, getting a man drunk, sleeping with him and then forcing him to marry her because she is pregnant with his child?

Marriage Not Dating Ep 10 Ost

You just don't recover from something like that. The total disconnect with the second leads is on the complete other side of the spectrum where the leads are totally bringing it on!!!

Poor Ki-tae was finally so ready, I wish he hadn't told her to speak first!!! Hopefully Ki-tae and Jang-mi doesn't allow them into their relationship anymore and that they work on getting their families believe that their love is true this time around.

I will ask a shallow question. In this situation, Hoon Dong did not even make any advances on Hyun Hee.

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If a woman would have been that drunk and talked into sex a majority here would have screemed 'Rape! I definitely want some honesty from both of them next episode!

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Haha seneng deh ada OST fullnya gini, plus instrumentalnya lagi. Kim Yoonmi Gay polyamorous dating sites 12, at 9: I just don't even know— Rape is sexual intercourse without consent. Just wanna make sure I don't watch anything in which she plays a significant role.

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The best scene to me was kt realizing that jm would never try to purposely hurt him. Her marriage not dating ep 10 ost finally accepts the truth and asks why, but before Jang-mi can speak, Grandma comes to her defense, and says that she knows it was an act but it was never malicious.

I really hope they have the glorious reunion and reveal of their mutual love that they should! She makes Hoon-dong promise not to tell Ki-tae about her feelings because it will just complicate everything further.

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Maybe the awesomness of this show at its start made my expectations too high but this episode just really, really disappointed me.