Gemini female dating taurus male Taurus man and Gemini woman

Gemini female dating taurus male, 52 replies to “taurus man and gemini woman compatibility”

According to him he said he did that because he wasn't ready for a relationship yet but he kept me around because he didn't want me to be with someone else. Or that what he IS or is not doing, means the same thing it does to you.

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Yes by yelling at them they will shut down but thats all men. Taurus Man with Capricorn Woman. If you really love a bird, let it fly, and if it comes back, love it forever.

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Stop talking to that taurus man, hes NOT part of your family, hes just an outsider now. There's no compromise in understanding, very rocky foundation, but I love him, he's affectionate, we really enjoy each gemini female dating taurus male company we love traveling, shopping, being lazy together.

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So well, i dun really believe in all the horoscope sayings. Gemini women are likely to be the most anima-like, attractive to almost every man. But we were never official we was still in the dating faze.

It's never too late to begin again. Trust her, and let her fly around. We traveled to each others homes, and met families for every chance that we had.

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He puts me on trial daily for crimes I havent even committed!! I am Gemini girl got a child with a Taurus guy he is protective, loving,caring, honest, generous,classy, home loving, very disciplined, stable, reliable, very short tempered, possesive,very controling, very strict, a family man,jelous, stubborn,can argue for hours just to proove a point,never put the matter to rest please tell me how to tame this bull coz we always at each other's throt? I have allowed her time to get herself together and give her the space that she needs.

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She wants to explore a bit see other people however keep our relationship strong and understanding as it is. After 4 years of sucky relationships i gave him a chance and at first it was very akward. I feel really secure with him. If you be with him then wots the guarantee he will not leave u again?

I have no doubt that there is instant chemistry between us. He will provide her with some needed stability in her hectic life. Definitely more than my baby but well, when it comes to giving advices, trust me, he can really talk!

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No harm no foul and it would be really fun. Their household will shift from active to passive, and it will take time to blend the two.

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While his heart may be difficult to ensnare at the onset of a relationship, once he falls for a Gemini woman he is typically hooked for the long haul. Or to tell her to spend as much as she likes.