Ex dating an ugly girl His Take: “Why Do Guys Rebound With Girls Who Are a Step Down?”

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It sounds like this new gf does not compare to the LW on this basis, which has the LW feeling duped and upset at the unfairness of the situation.

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Lucy September 11,3: Judge away, but at the end of the day picking apart the person your ex is dating does nothing for you.

I just get super frustrated with a woman being nasty to another woman over a crappy guy. Ah man, now I feel bad too.

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I know everyone has read The Secret and everything, but the fact remains that prior to all this new age pretend positivity bullshit, we were all hardwired to have both positive AND negative feelings about everything in life, including other people. Does it matter why he chose her after you?

My ex-girlfriends previous boyfrined was in my opinion ugly he was pretty good on the stockton yardstick. And Baskin Robbins only serves one flavor of ice cream. Learning that reason can better help you the next go around. He dumped me for an ugly, psychotic bitch. They show how much they appreciate the guy.

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Just on principle, that is unattractive. And nobody wants to date that. The only connecting thread is that these were all guys who I enjoyed spending time with and found easy to ex dating an ugly girl to. I can see where your mind is, today!

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That said, why are so many people on this thread so self-congratulatory about being non-judgmental? See, now I feel sorry for the LW.

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That was the vibe I got. Frighten off stray dogs. Amy April 17,8: Seriously, LW, I hope the responses you are getting to this letter make you do some real soul-searching and self-improvement because your current attitude is just sad and unspeakably ugly.