Craftsman ratchet dating Craftsman Ratchets

Craftsman ratchet dating

In later models shortly after patent award inthe frankenstein style selector is omitted.

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This particular wrench is believed to have been purchased new in the late s to early s, a time before Craftsman began marking model numbers on its tools.

Mid to Late s.

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This table shows the manufacturer's codes known to have been used from the mid s through s or later. Until next time, thanks for reading. Dunlap Offset Box Wrench.

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Note though that the model number marking on these pliers is unusual for this era. Metal looks and feels the same to me.

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Model battery pliers in this angle-nose style were listed in the Craftsman tool catalog, and this model continued to be offered through the catalog. Create new account Request new password. Although this wrench is very similar to the other "V" series examples, no manufacturer's marking was found.

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This ratchet has two distinct depressed panels and a hanger hole at the end of the handle. The square shoulder is a feature patented by J. Danielson Company produced pliers for the Fulton, Merit, and Dunlap brands during the s, and later produced at least some models for the Craftsman brand.


Rear cover shows "Arc-joint" Craftsman pliers with P-Circle code. The patent notice refers to patent 2,filed by W. In addition to offering some of the information above, he had this to say as well:. All Craftsmen tools of today are Chinese and not what I would call good.

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The upper inset seinfeld dating a side view of the wrench, illustrating the square shoulder used for the sliding jaw and craftsman ratchet dating.

Existing makers asked to provide prototypes or samples, but without a firm contract in hand, craftsman ratchet dating be likely to offer tools they already made, to avoid the cost of developing new dies and tooling.

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Added Craftsman Combination Pliers. For shiggles, I ran some numbers from the catalog and the margin was actually a little higher, meaning that even in some of the best economic times of the 20th century, tools were a lot more expensive than they are today. However, Sears had long operated a highly-regarded product testing laboratory, and a company that can test to spec is well equipped to write a spec.