Case pocket knife dating How to Identify Case Knives

Case pocket knife dating

They are highly collectible—the Case Collectors Club has about 18, members, who collect by model patternhandle material and year among other characteristics. From throughCase will remove one "X" each year.

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So, nine dots appeared ineight inand so on. How to Date Imperial Knives. The case pocket knife dating number signifies the number of blades.

Lets use a model as an example. InCase added dots beneath brunei dating "USA" on the tangs of all knives.

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Curly maple, rosewood, laminated hardwood. Case has introduced 33 distinct tang stamps since for its folding knives, and 17 stamps on its fixed-blade knives.

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Most knife manufacturers introduce some jigging pattern into handles, but Case has the largest variety and a few proprietary jigging patterns.

His writing experience includes books on project management, engineering and construction, and the "Internet of Things. From throughCase will remove one dot for each year.

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The number at the end of the pattern stamp on a fixed blade knife usually signifies the blade length--thus, the numbers signify a 5-inch bladed 65 pattern.

By popular demand, however, the dot dating system was used on all Case knives from mid through See References for a short list of these abbreviations.

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When in doubt as to the manufacturer, simply look for the word "Case" in the tang stamp. The first digit signifies the handle material; Case uses distinctive, mostly natural handle materials, such as buffalo horn, stag horn and even mammoth tusk.

Case describes several dozen abbreviations for individual knife attributes and combines two or more of these in a case pocket knife dating abbreviation.

Locate the stamps at the base of the blade.

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It would remove one dot per year for 10 years, such that a blade produced in had 10 dots, one produced in had nine dots, and so on. There may be one stamp on either side.

Look for distinctive elements on the tang stamp: The first number is the handle material, the second number is the number of blades, and the third number is the factory pattern number.

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All of the above will help you narrow down your knife to a model, year and more. Stainless steel or synthetic. This number for example, tells you much about the knife.

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By learning the simple Case dating system, you can easily determine the year a Case knife was manufactured. Case uses the bone of Brazilian zebu cattle, which is dense and durable, on many of its patterns.